MAPP Export Starter

This MAPP has been created for those that are considering starting to export and includes the first important preparatory steps.

Author : MAPP Admin    Date Created : May 8, 2014, 4:18 p.m.

Author : MAPP Academy    Date Created : 25th April 2014

MAPP Export Starter

MAPP Export Starter has been created in association with the UK Government's Trade and Investment organisation calle UKTI. Using their experience and avoiding their mistakes you will be able to quickly generate a simple quick export preparation plan for and your team asking you some of the questions that you may never ask yourself when it comes to starting to trade in a new market.

MAPP Export Starter has 15 basic steps that all exporters may need to take to get started. Once complete this set then leads on to the more advanced Export set which you can see here.


Who is it Aimed at?

MAPP Export Starter is aimed primarily at those organsations that are embarking on an export strategy to a new foreign market and who generally have not gone through the process ever before or even recently. Using the experience of others who have been through exporting before and who have had to deal with making mistakes and missing key steps, MAPP Export Starter enables the firm to ask some of the initial questions it may not normally ask itself about what it needs to do to start exporting quickly and efficiently. It is generic in outlook and can be useful for businesses of all kinds. Although this set can be used by individuals on their own we recommend using it with at least one other person to generate reflection and perspective.




This content was created by members of the MAPP Academy in association with the UKTI who have contributed to its creation. For more on the UKTI please click here.

Creation Date

25 April 2014