Setting Up International Operations

This MAPP content provides a comprehensive guide to setting up a new operation in a foreign market.

Author : MAPP Academy    Date Created : Jan. 6, 2015, 1:46 p.m.

Setting up International Operations has been created through research with individuals and managers who have been involved in the establishment of such a new entity outside their home country. Using their experience and avoiding their mistakes you will be able to quickly generate a simple and comprehensive setup plan asking all the questions that you may never ask yourself when it comes to starting up in a new location.

Setting up International Operations has over 50 separate steps that are recommended as the key ones that will help you to create a robust plan for this activity so it’s pretty likely that you will need to do most, if not all, of them yourself if you too are trying to set up a workable operation in the new territory.


Categories of decisions that make up this set include:


Operations– Decision steps related to specific actions you may have to take to enable the operation of the new unit including deciding on insurance through to understanding the local tax system.

Marketing - Decision steps related to the key marketing activities that need to be addressed to ensure that the organisation can introduce the company and what it offers to the new marketplace including checking that there are no language issues with products and brands through to identifying which keywords to use in content marketing.

People – Decision steps related to staff and other people that will be involved in setting up the new operation including assigning a project manager through to recruiting a local advisor.

Strategy – Decision steps related to what key choices need to be made before and during implementation that may shape the nature of the operation including deciding the actual role of the new operation through to setting targets for the new initiative once it is operating.


Who is it Aimed at?

Setting up International Operations is aimed primarily at those individuals and managers that have already decided that they are going to set up a foreign operation and who are just embarking on the project of implementation. The decision steps are generic in that they should apply to most foreign locations and should be able to help anyone who has not gone through the process ever before or even recently. Using the experience of others who have been through the same process before and who have had to deal with making mistakes and missing key steps, Setting up Operations in a Foreign Country enables the firm to ask all the questions it would not normally ask itself about what it needs to do implement successfully. The information is general in outlook and can be useful for businesses of all kinds. Although this set can be used by individuals on their own we recommend using it with at least one other person to generate reflection and perspective.