UK Armed Forces Resettlement First Steps

If you, your spouse or partner are about to be resettled from the Armed Forces then it is vital that you are aware of the support that is available to you. This 'First Steps' MAPP will provide you with a start point for the decision-making process. The full version of the MAPP contains many more decisions and prompts that will help you make the transition back into Civvy Street. Both versions of the MAPP are available 24/7 vie the Internet.

Author : Tom Holden    Date Created : June 5, 2014, 11:42 a.m.

The first step in any journey is the most difficult. It is often when we feel most alone!

The last few months - 24 if you are lucky - just zip by. I know I have been there twice! One minute I was told that I had 24 months left to serve the next my family and I were getting into a car having just marched-out of our MQ.

What you need is a gentle nudge - a prompt in the right direction. It uses the first three elements of someting you know - SMEAC - Situation, Mission, Execution to push you.

This MAPP takes away those initial worries. It allows you, your spouse, partner, family, friends and mentors to work with you in taking that first step.

If you want to have more prompts then go to the MAPPStore and buy the full version of Resettlement MAPP.

Don't leave it to the last minute. Focus and act!