MAPP Negotiation

This content set is used to comprehensively prepare teams for any type of negotiation.

Author : MAPP Academy    Date Created : July 3, 2013, 1:22 p.m.

MAPP Negotiation

MAPP Negotiation has been developed through extensive research conducted with a MAPP Partner, Spoken Word Limited, which is a leading deliverer of negotiation and persuasion training programmes. This content set has been used to prepare teams for all types of negotiation from small supplier deals through to large scale industrial agreements. It uses all of the common theory and terminology that has been developed in the area of negotiations over the last 20 years and has been extensively tested in practice by teams all over the world.

MAPP Negotiation takes any negotiating team through all the choices they will need to prepare for before entering into any negotiation.

Categories of decisions that make up this set include:

Strategy - Decision steps related to the wider issues related to the negotiation including acquiring a mandate to negotiate through to setting the team’s Reservation Price.

Tactics – Decision steps related to the specific issues related to the conduct of the negotiation including agreeing how to use time-outs during the meetings through to what sort of questions to use to gather information.

Team – Decision steps related to the development and understanding of the individuals within the team and how they will interact including setting up communication rules through to establishing team roles and responsibilities.

Relationship Management – Decision steps related to the management and development of relationships across the negotiation table including developing blocking coalitions through to developing trust.


MAPP Negotiation is aimed primarily at any individuals or teams who are preparing for a negotiation in a face-to-face negotiation scenario. Although this set can be used by individuals on their own we recommend using it with at least one other person to generate reflection and perspective.




This content was created by members of the MAPP Academy along with Spoken Word Limited, a MAPP Partner company.

Creation Date

2nd July 2013